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Our breakthrough platform connects, automates, controls, and remediates real-world operations processes at a global scale, with ease – at a fraction of the cost currently possible.


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Single-use pricing per item saves time and money by eliminating reverse logistics, charging, or device reprogramming.

Simple Setup

Products work out-of-the-box and a QR code enables easy association with assets.

Single Platform

Our configurable platform and API integrations align with your needs.

Realtime Insights

Our platform’s advanced predictive analytics and customizable parameters support your business’s unique requirements.

Get The Data You Need To Turn Real-Time Insights Into Immediate Action

Measure what matters most, when it matters, as it happens.

Predictive Maintenance

Workflow Intervention and Optimization

Environmental Monitoring

Safety and Security

Asset Protection

Predictive Maintenance

Unlocking Value Through Predictive Maintenance

Discover the advantages of predictive maintenance. Enhance equipment uptime, streamline workflows, and optimize resource allocation.

Optimized Resource Allocation

Efficiently manage assets, reduce operational costs. Proactively schedule maintenance, minimize downtime, and extend the lifespan of critical equipment, enhancing resource utilization.

Maximized Equipment Uptime

Minimize disruptions, maximize productivity. Identify potential equipment failures before they occur, ensuring equipment is operational when needed, improving overall productivity and minimizing losses.

Streamlined Maintenance Workflows

Simplify maintenance processes, save time. Automate maintenance schedules, streamline workflows, and enhance workforce efficiency. With predictive maintenance, you can keep operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Workflow Intervention and Optimization

Realizing Gains with Workflow Optimization Benefits

Unlock workflow optimization benefits for increased productivity, streamlined processes, and overall operational efficiency.

Streamlined Operations

Efficient processes, reduced errors, consistent results. Streamlined operations lead to reduced errors and variations, ensuring consistent and high-quality results in a variety of applications, from healthcare to logistics.

Boosted Productivity

Optimize workflows, save time, improve efficiency. Our solutions enhance operational productivity, automating tasks, and streamlining processes, ultimately boosting efficiency and productivity across various applications.

Cost Savings and Efficiency

Optimized resource allocation, reduced operational costs. Our solutions not only enhance efficiency but also lead to significant cost savings by optimizing resource allocation, reducing operational costs, and improving overall financial outcomes across diverse applications.

Environmental Monitoring

Elevate Operations with Advanced Environmental Monitoring

Explore environmental monitoring solutions for enhanced safety, sustainability, and operational efficiency. Gain real-time insights for informed decisions.

Safety Enhancement

Ensure a secure environment for your team. With our environmental monitoring solutions, you can quickly detect and address safety risks, making your operations safer for everyone.

Sustainability Promotion

Contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. Monitor environmental parameters in real-time, optimizing resource use, reducing waste, and promoting eco-friendly practices within your application.

Operational Efficiency Boost

Streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency. Our environmental monitoring solutions offer real-time insights, leading to process optimization, cost reduction, and achieving peak efficiency across daily operations.

Safety and Security

Realizing Value Through Safety Solutions Benefits

Discover safety and security solutions. Enhance asset protection, employee safety, and proactive threat prevention for a secure future.

Asset Protection Reinforced

Safeguard valuable assets, minimize losses. Our safety solutions offer real-time monitoring, enabling proactive threat prevention and reducing the risk of asset loss or damage in various applications.

Employee Safety Enhanced

Prioritize employee well-being, ensure security. With our solutions, you can monitor and proactively address safety risks, creating a secure environment that promotes employee safety and peace of mind.

Threat Prevention Proactive

Early threat detection, actionable insights. Our solutions provide real-time insights, enabling proactive threat prevention by swiftly identifying and addressing potential security risks within your application.

Asset Protection

Realizing Value Through Asset Protection Benefits

Explore asset protection solutions. Enhance security, asset longevity, and proactively minimize theft and loss risks for peace of mind.

Enhanced Asset Security

Safeguarding valuable assets and minimizing losses. Trackonomy’s asset protection solutions enable real-time monitoring for proactive risk reduction, effectively reducing the threat of asset theft and loss across various applications.

Extended Asset Longevity

Prolonging the lifespan of critical assets. Proactive asset protection ensures assets have a longer lifespan, promoting reliability and preserving the long-term value and efficiency of your investments.

Assured Peace of Mind

Enjoying security and asset protection. Our solutions provide peace of mind by proactively mitigating the risks of asset theft and loss, and safeguarding valuable investments and assets.

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