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Discover the future of smart technology with Trackonomy’s multi-radio platform, agent-based intelligence, and configurable solutions. Streamline operations and resolve challenges seamlessly.

Remediate Real-World Process Challenges At A Global Scale, With Ease

We are creating a network of interconnected objects, enabling a level of communication that hasn’t been seen before. We make things talk, think and interact. We enable them to share information, including any possible distress signatures. From visibility and observation to process control, optimization, and autonomous workflows, our platform fosters AI-driven collaboration in a value stream ecosystem.



Unified Platform For Real-Time Insights

We have created intelligent micro-electronics with unique form factors programmed to achieve the best mode of communication. We have integrated them into our software platform, turning any item into a “smart object” and safeguarding your asset at every moment.

Sensor Fusion

Combine data for comprehensive asset management and insight.

Real-time Alerts

Instant notifications ensure a swift response to issues, minimizing disruptions.

Configurable Solutions

Customize for tailored solutions, meeting your unique operational requirements.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate with existing systems for a unified approach to operations.

Distributed Intelligence

Agent-based decision-making for efficient asset management.

Scalability & Flexibility

Easily scale your operations, adapting to evolving needs in various locations.

Make Any Asset Smart

Unlock the potential of every asset with Trackonomy’s technology, offering real-time insights and enhanced control.

Breakthrough Simplicity

Our innovative platform simplifies asset management, with small, versatile sensors that can be placed anywhere.

Always-On Platform

Benefit from a multi-frequency platform delivering valuable data and integrating seamlessly with various tools.

Data Integration

Combine our data with other datasets, listen, identify correlations, and even develop new AI models for deeper insights.

Setup In Minutes

Experience the convenience of setting up Trackonomy’s technology in minutes, enabling quick integration into your operations.

User-Friendly Solution

Our technology is designed for anyone, regardless of operation size, making it easy to install, use, and afford.

Scalable for All

Whether local or global, on-premises or in remote locations, our technology scales effortlessly, allowing rapid expansion.

Rapid Deployment

Go from a few sensors to many within seconds, ensuring minimal disruptions and swift integration.

Real-Time Excellence

Achieve real-time insights, empowering workers to intervene, fix errors, and maintain operational excellence.

Immediate Issue Resolution

Address problems as they occur, preventing costly errors, and improving efficiency with real-time insights.

Data-Driven Team Empowerment

Arm your team with actionable insights to make data-informed decisions, enhancing control and preventing errors or crises.

Enhanced Productivity

Maximize workforce productivity by acting in real-time, enhancing efficiency, safety, and operational excellence.

Hear From Our Partners

“Trackonomy’s solution is light, accurate, and precise, providing a compelling solution for locating millions of medical devices accurately and in real-time.”

Manager, Data & Technology / Healthcare

“Trackonomy’s form and function make it easy to install IoT sensors, reducing costs dramatically and allowing for greater scalability and applicability across different industries.”

Director, Innovation / Chemicals

“This solution and the journey that we have been on with Trackonomy has really driven transformation for the organization as well as the thought that transformation is possible!”

Director, Supply Chain & Logistics / Pulp and Paper

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