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Our Platform Solves The Challenges In Truly Realizing Smart Industry


Single-use pricing per item saves time and money by eliminating reverse logistics, charging, or device reprogramming.

Simple Setup

Products work out-of-the-box, and a QR code enables easy association with assets.

Single Platform

Our configurable platform and API integrations align with your needs.

Realtime Insights

Our platform’s advanced predictive analytics and customizable parameters support your business’s unique requirements.

Delivering Results For Titans of Industry

It’s Time For A Change

Make it Smart

Make it Simple

Make it Successful


Leverage advanced sensor technology and agent-based intelligence for real-time insights, predictive capabilities, and enhanced decision-making to ensure success in your operations.

Smart Insights

Harness data for informed decisions, ensuring efficiency, safety, and agility in your operations.

Intelligence at Work

Empower your systems with intelligent technology, predicting issues and optimizing performance in real-time.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Transform data into actionable insights, making your operations smarter and more responsive than ever before.


Experience seamless integration for streamlined processes, affordable excellence for innovation accessibility, and operational ease designed for simplicity and accessibility across all business sizes.

Effortless Integration

Simplify processes with user-friendly solutions that seamlessly integrate into your operations, improving efficiency.

Affordable Excellence

Achieve excellence without breaking the bank. Our solutions are cost-effective, making innovation accessible to all.

Operational Ease

Our solutions are designed for easy deployment, ensuring accessibility and simplicity for operations of all sizes.


Trackonomy guarantees real-world success by delivering real-time insights and actions, backed by a proven record, including addressing complex logistics challenges, such as COVID vaccine distribution.

Real-Time Results

Experience real-time success with solutions that enable proactive action and problem-solving, ensuring operational excellence.

Empowering Success

Empower your team with solutions that lead to real-world success by preventing issues and minimizing disruptions.

Solving Complex Challenges

We’ve demonstrated success by addressing significant logistical challenges, proving our capabilities in the most demanding situations.

Making Truly Unprecedented Transformation






Lifesaving Drug Logistics

Partnering with a leading logistics company, we’re enhancing the intricate supply chain for lifesaving drugs.

Supply Chain Resilience

Our solutions fortify supply chains, ensuring the timely delivery of critical drugs, impacting global health positively.

Global Health Impact

In an interconnected world, we’re making unprecedented changes that impact global health through secure drug supply chains.

“With Trackonomy’s solution, we can now solve missing cargo problems in just 10-30 minutes, compared to the 4-hour to 6-day resolution time we had before.”

General Manager / Airlines

Proactive Safety Measures

Our applications proactively enhance safety protocols, preventing potential hazards and accidents, thus safeguarding employees and assets.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

By leveraging our solutions, maintenance costs are significantly reduced as we preemptively address issues before they escalate.

Prevent Outages

Our technology helps prevent costly downtime by identifying and addressing potential outages, ensuring uninterrupted facility operations and saving valuable resources.

“Trackonomy brings a unique combination of devices and infrastructure to the table, helping us solve real-world logistics problems and improve our operations.”

VP Business Development / Industrial

Lifesaving Equipment Access

Collaborating with a top hospital service provider, we optimize healthcare by ensuring easy access to lifesaving equipment.

Enhancing Patient Outcomes

Our solutions empower hospitals to enhance patient outcomes and streamline care with efficient equipment management.

Healthcare Efficiency

In the healthcare sector, we pioneer change, ensuring that clinical equipment is always readily available for patient care.

“Trackonomy has solutions to problems that have plagued healthcare for decades. The potential to both increase the productivity of medical personnel and improve the utilization of medical equipment will be a big win for healthcare.”

Peter PronovostChief Clinical Transformation Officer / University Hospitals

Illegal Shipments Secured

In collaboration with the government, we’re halting illicit shipments, safeguarding national security and public well-being.

Defending Borders

Our strategies prevent illegal shipments from entering the U.S., securing the nation’s borders and interests.

National Security Assurance

Ensuring national security, we’re pioneering measures to stop illegal shipments, a critical partnership with the government.

“We see this as a partnership. You’re not a company or a vendor to us – you’re partners to us. The lengths you’ve gone to and the willingness to make things happen has been unbelievable and it’s very refreshing. We’re very proud to be affiliated with you.”

Government Officer / Government

Infrastructure Protection

We’re partnering with a global utility leader to prevent catastrophic damage to critical infrastructure.

Reliable Utilities

Safeguarding utilities’ integrity, we’re advancing strategies to ensure uninterrupted services for a safer world.

Global Resilience

In a world reliant on utilities, our solutions fortify global resilience against infrastructure vulnerabilities.

“When I got introduced to Trackonomy this year, I realized there is so much potential here to create the very first utilities-based ubiquitous sensing dynamic.”

Sr. Director R&D / Utilities

Hear From Our Partners

“Trackonomy’s solution is light, accurate, and precise, providing a compelling solution for locating millions of medical devices accurately and in real-time.”

Manger, Data & Technology / Healthcare

“Trackonomy’s form and function make it easy to install IoT sensors, reducing costs dramatically and allowing for greater scalability and applicability across different industries.”

Director, Innovation / Chemicals

“This solution and the journey that we have been on with Trackonomy has really driven transformation for the organization as well as the thought that transformation is possible!”

Director, Supply Chain & Logistics / Pulp and Paper

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