Getting Started Is As Easy As Applying Tape

Our sensing equipment is easy to install and takes almost nothing to maintain. We will help you get up and running on day one and support you to generate the business intelligence you desire.


We Are With You Every Step Of The Way


24/7 Round-The-Clock Human Support

We’re here to help, no matter when. With Trackonomy, you’ll always speak to real people, not robots. Contact us easily by phone or through our online support channels.


Comprehensive Team Training

Your team will receive comprehensive training on deployment, Human Machine Interface, and data portal access, ensuring a seamless experience with Trackonomy.

APIs and Integrations

Simplified Data Exchange

Integrate effortlessly with our customizable RESTful API. Our team is here to assist you in connecting seamlessly with Webhooks for real-time data exchange.

Field Application Engineers

Smooth Deployment Assistance

Experience smooth deployments with our Field Application Engineers and your dedicated Customer Success Manager. We’ll get you up and running on the Trackonomy platform.

Helping Others Like You Solve Big Challenges

Our solutions are easy to install and take almost nothing to maintain. We will help you get up and running on day one and support you to generate the outcome you desire.

Already a Customer and Need Help?

For assistance, get in touch with our dedicated Customer Support team.


Tailored Solutions

We understand your unique challenges and customize solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Proactive Support

Our team anticipates potential issues, offering guidance, educational resources, and troubleshooting to prevent challenges.

Continuous Communication

Enjoy ongoing support with regular check-ins, feedback sessions, and status updates to keep you informed and empowered throughout your journey.

Expert Understanding

We engage in empathetic conversations to deeply comprehend your goals and pain points, enabling us to deliver solutions tailored to your requirements.

Ready To Find Your Operational Truth?

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