Smart Tape with Integrated Temperature, Humidity & Light Sensor

Realizing Value Through THL Tape

It eliminates thermography rounds, reduces arch flash exposure, detects and alerts on arch flashes, prevents equipment loss, and seamlessly integrates with existing networks.


  • Enhanced Site Reliability: Improved site reliability through accelerated detection of mechanical and electrical degradation
  • Remote Monitoring: Monitor thermal activity and prevent catastrophic failures remotely with light, temperature and humidity sensing
  • Predictive Maintenance: Reduce operational costs with predictive maintenance capabilities, ensuring optimal performance

As Easy As Applying Tape

  • Easy Installation: Install at tough-to-reach locations such as motor control centers and switchgear due to convenient form-factor
  • Seamless Deployment: Experience simple deployment with the lowest cost of ownership available in the market today
  • Easy Configuration: Configure the system in minutes without specialized equipment or technical personnel
  • Cloud Integration: Easily integrate with other Trackonomy devices to ascertain and relay location and status data to the cloud
  • 24/7 Human Support: Access round-the-clock human support where you’ll always speak to real people, not robots. Contact us easily by phone or through our online support channels

How Our THL Tape Works

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