Trackonomy Tops Zebox Partner Summit Startup Pitch Competition

BY: Nisha

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Trackonomy is elated to share that we secured the winning position at the Zebox Partner Summit’s startup pitch competition held on November 15 and 16, 2023. Focused on AI and supply chain visibility, the summit provided a platform for startups, with Trackonomy emerging as the standout.

The essence of our pitch was simplicity meets efficiency. We discussed the importance of real-time tracking, the power of autonomous workflow intervention, and the significance of end-to-end visibility. Shedding light on the gaps in current tracking technology, the relevance of form factor, and addressing issues like theft in the supply chain and productivity gains formed the core of our presentation.

Zebox, founded in 2018 by Rodolphe Saadé, Chairman and CEO of the CMA CGM Group, has evolved into an ecosystem comprising 15+ corporate partners, all industry leaders. Zebox’s mission is to foster collaboration between audacious startups and established corporations, aiming to transform industries positively.

Competing against 10 other startups, Trackonomy stood out and secured the top spot. Winning isn’t just about the accolade; it’s about challenging the norms in the supply chain industry.

 “While winning is a fantastic acknowledgment, our primary focus is revolutionizing supply chains. This victory is a testament to our commitment to driving change in the industry, and we’re excited about the journey ahead.”

Dalton Hamilton
Senior Sales Manager

Trackonomy is committed to simplifying supply chains, and this win is a stepping stone toward our larger goal.

For more information on Trackonomy and our initiatives, visit Trackonomy Website.

About Trackonomy

Trackonomy aims to make people and organizations more productive through its next-generation operating system for the connected world. The breakthrough platform connects, automates, controls, and remediates real-world operations processes globally, with ease – at a fraction of the cost currently possible. Its unique diversity of technologies allows it to create building blocks and vertically integrated, configurable platforms that enable customers to drive digital transformation throughout their organizations.

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