Trackonomy Contributes to Discussions On Real-World Applications of IIoT at the IIoT World Energy Day 2023

BY: Nisha

Trackonomy Presents Insights on Real World Applications of IIoT in the Oil & Gas Industry at IIoT World Energy Day 2023

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Trackonomy proudly announces the participation of Dave Tanguay, Industrial Products Manager, in IIoT World Energy Day 2023. The focused session, “Beyond the Buzzwords: Real World Applications of IIoT in the Oil & Gas Industry,” was held on June 28, providing a platform for industry experts to delve into practical aspects of IIoT adoption in this critical sector.

Dave Tanguay, alongside distinguished panelists Ravi Subramanyan (Director of Industry Solutions Manufacturing, HiveMQ), Jeremiah Hannley (Managing Partner/CTO, streamlinecontrol), and Joe Perino (President & CEO, PERTEX), shared valuable insights during the discussion.

The session explored key areas:

  • Optimizing Production: Insights into leveraging IIoT technologies to optimize production processes in the oil and gas industry.
  • Monitoring Equipment Health: Discussion on the role of IIoT in real-time monitoring of equipment health and preventing potential failures.
  • Improving Safety: Examination of how IIoT contributes to improving safety by predicting and preventing equipment failures, with practical examples and case studies.

Dave Tanguay highlighted Trackonomy’s approach to monitoring and alarming in industrial operations, emphasizing the overall efficiency and safety benefits. Notably, he discussed Trackonomy’s eSeal, providing customers with unprecedented visibility into admin lock removals, enhancing safety and process release management.

In a dynamic exchange, Dave touched upon several topics:

  • Visibility Enhancement: Trackonomy’s approach to monitoring and alarming, emphasizing the overall efficiency and safety benefits for industrial operations.
  • Use Case Development: Dave discussed how customer conversations led to the creation of numerous use cases, including sensors for eSeal, Valve Positioning, Blind Monitoring, and Temperature, each addressing specific customer needs.

The entire session is available for viewing on YouTube:

To learn more about Trackonomy’s solutions for Industrial sector, find the solutions page here.

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