Trackonomy Shares About Ubiquitous Sensing at TecNext 2023

BY: Ana Kuntz

Venkat Bahl, Trackonomy’s VP of Industrial and Utilities, Presents Insights on Ubiquitous Sensing at TecNext 2023

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Trackonomy is pleased to announce the participation of Venkat Bahl, VP of Industrial and Utilities, in TecNext 2023. The event took place on February 16-17 at Manship Theatre in Baton Rouge, LA, where Venkat represented Trackonomy and delivered a session on “Ubiquitous Sensing and the Impact on Your Plant.”

Ubiquitous sensing, a theme central to Venkat’s session, explores the transformative potential of smart sensors within an extended infrastructure. Venkat delved into the profound impact that leveraging ubiquitous sensing can have on plant operations. The use of smart tags and wireless mesh networking adds scalability to sensor networks, making them fault-tolerant and enabling various automation capabilities.

During the presentation, Venkat highlighted key aspects of ubiquitous sensing, including:

  • Real-Time Location Awareness: Exploring how intelligent sensors contribute to real-time location awareness within plant operations.
  • Intrusion Detection and Security: Addressing the role of ubiquitous sensing in enhancing plant security through intrusion detection.
  • Asset Status Monitoring and Tracking: Discussing the benefits of intelligent sensors in monitoring and tracking the status of assets within the plant.

This intelligent sensing technology, a crucial element in the development of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), empowers practically any item to become intelligent. Venkat emphasized how these items can transmit data, thereby contributing to the creation of an intelligent plant infrastructure.

In the presentation, Venkat Bahl discussed how intelligent sensors revolutionize facility management operations and explored potential use cases for implementing this technology in diverse industrial settings.

About Trackonomy

Trackonomy aims to make people and organizations more productive through its next-generation operating system for the connected world. The breakthrough platform connects, automates, controls, and remediates real-world operations processes globally, with ease – at a fraction of the cost currently possible. Its unique diversity of technologies allows it to create building blocks and vertically integrated, configurable platforms that enable customers to drive digital transformation throughout their organizations.

About Tec-Next

TecNext is a dynamic two-day conference hosted by industry technology leaders from multiple manufacturing companies based in Louisiana. It serves as a premier gathering for experts in industry and technology, bringing together local, national, and global leaders from the chemical and petrochemical manufacturing industry and technology experts to share insights on the latest technology-driven tools and processes.

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