Trackonomy’s simple idea for a new era of compute

BY: Nisha

The premise of Trackonomy is simple, but the execution is not. 

“What if we can come up with the one magic building block that makes any object in the world smart?,” Trackonomy CEO and co-founder Erik Volkerink asked the audience at eChemExpo recently. 

That’s exactly what Trackonomy did. 

Trackonomy’s platform is an always-on smart hardware and software platform contained in small, flexible proprietary form factors, like smart duct tape. Stick it on any object or machine and you immediately have end-to-end item-level visibility and control for it. 

The use cases and applications are endless – predictive maintenance, workflow intervention and optimization, environmental monitoring, safety and security, and asset protection, to name just a few. It’s in use by UPS and Georgia-Pacific and other leaders in cornerstone industries of the economy. 

Trackonomy is pioneering a new era of compute with its smart duct tape. Trackonomy re-architected, miniaturized and vertically integrated a full computing stack with hardware, software, cloud computing, edge computing, and AI. It’s computing designed for the real world, where the best laid plans can get upended by the unexpected and unpredictable. 

Trackonomy’s smart duct tape can monitor and communicate in real time about pressure, humidity, shock, and countless other variables, providing easy-to-understand and never-before-possible insights and analysis to workers. And if workers know about something, they can do something about it. 

“Right now, the whole world is thinking about mission control-centric compute,” Volkerink said at eChemExpo 2024. “We try to solve issues before it needs to go to mission control. From the top floor to the shop floor, the AI paradigm needs to support that.” 

With Trackonomy, if every object is smart and capable of communicating, every object suddenly becomes part of a dynamic AI shield that can adapt to the environment, learn, and make autonomous decisions. 

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