Trackonomy-Powered Solution Earns UPS RFID Journal Award

BY: Nisha

SAN JOSE, Calif. — RFID Journal has recognized UPS as the recipient of the coveted “Best Use of RFID or IoT in a Product or Service Award,” for 2023. This award highlights the impactful collaboration of UPS with Trackonomy for RFID technology infusion into their logistics and parcel shipment processes. This prestigious accolade acknowledges UPS’s remarkable transition from manual to automated parcel scanning and detection, a transformation made possible through the innovative IoT technology provided by Trackonomy.

The award also commends UPS for its forward-thinking initiative in equipping its vehicles with RFID readers, a strategic move that has significantly enhanced visibility options for customers throughout the entire logistics chain.

“We are thrilled to congratulate UPS on this well-deserved achievement. This recognition not only validates the success of our cutting-edge technology but also underscores the positive impact it has had on revolutionizing logistics processes and customer experience.”

Patty Steiman
Sr Director Innovation Service and Support

Key Achievements Recognized by the Award Include

  • Automated Scanning with Wearable RFID Technology: UPS’s adoption of Trackonomy’s technology allows them to scan and detect RFID on smart packages in their vehicles as well as in their facilities and within key distribution infrastructure. This capability facilitates a seamless transition from manual to automated scanning, event-based alerting, streamlining operations, and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Enhanced Vehicle Visibility: By integrating RFID readers into UPS vehicles, the company has elevated its visibility options for customers. Real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities contribute to a more transparent and responsive logistics and last mile delivery experience.
Trackonomy’s Director of Engineering, Dr. Saurabh Sanghai, celebrating UPS win at the RFID Journal Awards 2023 event.

About the Award

The “Best Use of RFID or IoT in a Product or Service Award” from RFID Journal is a prestigious honor that recognizes organizations at the forefront of innovation in utilizing RFID or IoT technologies to drive operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

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