Trackonomy-Powered Solution Earns UPS RFID Journal Award for 2nd Year

BY: Nisha

UPS won a prestigious award from RFID Journal for the second year in a row related to its Trackonomy-powered solutions. UPS was named “Best Large-Scale Deployment” for its UPS Smart Package Smart Facility at the recent RFID Journal Live Show. 

UPS and Trackonomy collaborate on integrating RFID technology into their logistics and parcel shipment processes. UPS’ Smart Package Smart Facility is powered by Trackonomy technology that provides end-to-end item-level visibility and control. 

RFID Journal had this to say about UPS:

The UPS Smart Package Smart Facility is one of the largest RFID deployments in the U.S. and is reducing operations cost, improving productivity and radically elevating the customer experience with pinpoint location accuracy and speed of decision making.

This new award followed last year’s recognition of UPS as the “Best Use of RFID or IoT in a Product or Service”. Last year, RFID Journal acknowledged UPS’s remarkable transition from manual to automated parcel scanning and detection, a transformation made possible through innovative technology provided by Trackonomy. 

Read more about how UPS and Trackonomy partnered on the historic delivery efforts of millions of COVID-19 vaccines to 99.9% effectiveness. UPS continues to use Trackonomy for its premier healthcare shipping service

RFID Journal has issued its awards annually since 2007, with readers submitting detailed entries about notable RFID deployments. 

Trackonomy is pioneering a new era of compute that adds intelligence to any object, machine, or process via an always-on smart hardware and software platform contained in small, flexible proprietary form factors, like smart duct tape or smart dominoes. 

Trackonomy makes it easy to add intelligence to every point in the supply chain by analyzing data, identifying issues, and implementing workflow changes – all in real time every 250 milliseconds. Trackonomy’s always-on smart hardware and software platform contained in small, flexible proprietary form factors can monitor and communicate in real time about pressure, humidity, shock, and countless other variables, providing easy-to-understand and never-before-possible insights and analysis to workers.

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